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The Sofidel Group  

The Sofidel Group is one of the leading manufacturers of paper for hygienic and domestic use worldwide. Established in 1966, the Group has subsidiaries in 12 countries – Italy, Spain, the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania and the USA – with more than 6,000 employees, net sales of 2,173 million Euros (2020) and a production capacity of over one million tonnes per year (1,428,000 tonnes in 2020). “Regina”, its most well-known brand, is present on almost all the reference markets. Other brands include: Softis, Le Trèfle, Sopalin, Thirst Pockets, KittenSoft, Nalys, Cosynel, Lycke, Nicky, Papernet. A member of the UN Global Compact and the international WWF Climate Savers programme, the Sofidel Group considers sustainability a strategic factor with regards to growth and is committed to reducing its impact on natural capital and maximising social benefits, setting as objective the creation of shared added value for all stakeholders. Sofidel’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets to 2030 have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) as consistent with reductions required to keep warming to well-below 2°C, in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.


To define and approve the production plan, in order to guarantee the availability of the merchandise requested by clients, taking into account the stored material and optimising productive efficiency in accordance with the Group’s guidelines and procedures.


  • Develop the production plan taking into account:
    • sales forecasting of parent reels/finished product
    • Converting/end-use clients’ paper requirement
    • stock levels
  • Pursuing the aims assigned to the plant in relation to required service level, warehouse balance and productive efficiency
  • Interface with PM/CNV Procurement Specialist so as to check raw materials availability
  • Get coordinated with the Transport Office so as to check the availability of transport vehicles for the merchandise delivery
  • With the PM/CNV Production Manager, discuss the developed production plan, in order to assess its technical feasibility and to take possible corrective actions if necessary
  • Approve the production plan
  • Get coordinated with PM/CNV Production Planning Officer during daily work
  • Manage critical events within the relevant area
  • Collaborate with the Parent reels Sales Office/Marketing and Sales Area to maximise service to clients


  • Guarantee the correct management of relevant processes in accordance with the Group’s policies and procedures
  • Collaborate with the Converting Production Planning in order to maximise service to end-use clients.
  • Support the parent reels sales Office in the relationship with clients concerning production plans, deliveries and technical specifications.
  • Promote a safety-bound corporate culture
  • Promote the Corporate Principles and Values.

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