OT Security Administrator

The Sofidel Group 

The Sofidel Group is one of the leading manufacturers of paper for hygienic and domestic use worldwide. Established in 1966, the Group has subsidiaries in 13 countries – Italy, Spain, the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania and the USA – with more than 6,500 employees, net sales of 2,801 million Euros (2022) and a production capacity of over one million tonnes per year (1,440,000 tonnes in 2022). “Regina”, its most well-known brand, is present on almost all the reference markets. Other brands include: Sopalin, Le Trèfle, Hakle, Softis, Nalys, Cosynel, KittenSoft, Lycke, Nicky, Papernet. A member of the UN Global Compact and the international WWF Climate Savers programme, the Sofidel Group considers sustainability a strategic factor with regards to growth and is committed to reducing its impact on natural capital and maximising social benefits, setting as objective the creation of shared added value for all stakeholders. Sofidel’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets to 2030 have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) as consistent with reductions required to keep warming to well-below 2°C, in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.


To support the line manager protecting the group’s operational technology systems in the production sites from cyber threats, minimizing the risk of disruptions to critical processes and ensuring the integrity, availability and confidentiality of OT assets and data.


  • Performs inventory activities of the specific OT hardware both physics and virtual.
  • Carries out the activities of inventory and management of software asset located in the production site.
  • Executes users’ management of the applications and OT systems. 
  • Support the line manager guaranteeing secure configuration of the systems and OT software in line with the guidelines defined by the Group Information Security Dept. 
  • Liaises with IT dept in order to guarantee a proper update of machinery infrastructure and Datacenter.
  • Assists the line manager in guaranteeing the security of the checkpoints of the OT systems and of the applications used by the machinery located in the production site.
  • Participates in the verification of the applicability of the IT decisions with regard to security of the network and the management of the log to be implemented in the production site. 
  • Participates in the selection and validation of anti-malware solutions.
  • Supports the line manager in guaranteeing the installation and the customization of antivirus on the systems in the production site.
  • Assists the line manager in guaranteeing the protection of confidential data stored in the OT systems.
  • Contributes in the verification of the applicability of backup modalities and of the recovery strategies of the data to be adopted in the production site.
  • Assists the line manager in the coordination of the production sites in the execution of the factory devices back-up (HMI,PLC, etc.).
  • Liaises with IT Dept. in order to solve networking issue within the production sites.
  • Liaises with the production site for the implementation of the physical security guards.
  • Contributes in the management and solving of cyber incidents that can impact the production site.
  • Supports the line manager in the coordination of the execution of VAPTs on machinery in the production site and in the implementation of remediation plan.

Requirements for the Application: 

  • You are going to graduate or you have just graduated in Information Technologies, Computer Science Engineering or equivalent studies, or you have a technical high school diploma
  • It's great if you also have at least 1 year of experience in Information Security of Industrial Operation Technology
  • You have a good level of English knowledge
  • You have a high level of logical and analytical skills, focused on troubleshooting
  • You are available for short-term business travels
  • You are prone to work as a team and independently
  • You are keen on learning and you have a positive attitude to change tasks frequently 


What We Offer

  • A full-time employment
  • The chance to work in an international Group and a concrete opportunity for professional growth
  • A dynamic environment based on teamwork
  • Sofidel Language Learning Programme through innovative digital platform for you and one additional user, such as family member or friend.